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2GoOnline Features

Increase your profits, keep your customers. Your own website, for your own customers.

Simple To Use

Orders are sent direct to your printer which runs on the mobile network. No buttons to press. Optionally orders can be sent to our Tablet Order Pad for on screen display and printing. Our Order Tablet also allows control of your website opening and closing times with more features being added all the time.

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Key Facts

– Commission is charged at 7.5% per order
– Hardware rental is £1 per week
– Payouts are made to your account on a weekly basis.
– A digital PDF statement will be sent to your email with a breakdown of all transactions.
– Hardware (printers & tablets), software and domain names remain the property of 2GoOnline.
– 2GoOnline must hold control of your Google Map listing to allow us to optimize your SEO.